Inspiring Young Minds

A series of Outreach Events to encourage collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving, involving children from throughout the North Devon area.

IB Curious

3rd December 2022, 9.30am-12.30pm

West Buckland School is offering the opportunity for up to 48 student to work over an intense 2 hour session towards the successful management of a refugee housing crisis in the area.  The task will be focused upon how local businesses, organisations, politicians and people respond to this sudden change.  There is widespread disagreement on what to do – including whether the refugees should be here at all.

The students will be divided into groups which are tasked with dealing with aspects of the problem.  The exercise will conclude with each group providing summary recommendations on what is to be done.  There will be difficult choices to be made in an imperfect world.

We intend to push the students hard, to put them under pressure in what promises to be a fast-paced, exciting morning.  The purpose is to stretch students to deal with managing: limited resources; limited time; pressured decision-making; unexpected changes; different perspectives; effective communication with small and large groups.  Most of all we want the young people to manage imperfect problem-solving in an imperfect world.

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Royal Institute Mathematics Masterclasses for Year 9 Students

9:45-12:30 Saturday 21st January, 4th and 25th February, 11th March 2023

RI Masterclasses are a series of workshops which are led by Mathematics enthusiasts from industry, academia and education.

The Masterclasses aim to inspire young people in the beauty and wonder of Mathematics and to develop a sense of enjoyment in the subject. They offer pupils in-depth investigations of topics in Mathematics from beyond the normal curriculum. We aim to include and challenge all students: from those who are already well-motivated and curious about Mathematics to those who are just beginning that journey.

We are delighted to be sponsoring and hosting these workshops at West Buckland. Students have been nominated by their teachers from schools across North Devon to participate.

There is more information on the RI website: