The West Buckland Lockdown Challenges

Lockdown can be a time of frustration, boredom and hours of online learning. That's why we're inviting children to get involved in our exciting range of challenges that can be done at home.

Loads of fun for everyone

West Buckland are inviting primary school children to get involved in some exciting extra-curricular challenges that are creative, fun, energetic and engaging. With a choice of sport, art, public speaking and dance, there is something for everyone.

The challenges are geared towards children in Key Stage 2.

So, put the screens away, choose which challenge you’d like to take on and get creative!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Exercises you can even do in your bedroom

Practice your skills and try some new tricks!

Why not practise your sporting skills with our weekly sport ‘Skills and Drills’ videos?  Our PE staff will talk you through the exercises and there is no need for large gardens or sports pitches.

So check in every week for some new and fun exercises that you can do on your own or with members of your family.

Get Snapping!

We invite you to design your own ‘floor photo’ in the theme ‘When I grow up…..’.  Create a photograph of yourself when you are grown up.  This could be a career, a lifestyle, or a location.

You can use any props you can find around the house, add some of your own creations and even involve your pets!

Think creatively, use your imagination and have fun! Send your photos in to your teacher.

Tell Us All About It!

Public Speaking is a really useful skill to have and also a good confidence builder. Our challenge to you is: Create, perform and film a speech about your favourite film character.

We would like you to prepare a speech on the subject above (no longer than 3 minutes) and send your teacher a video of you presenting your speech.

In all cases, avoid researching your topic online. Speak about something that you feel passionate about and have some prior knowledge. Create a hand written script, rehearse it, learn it and then perform it!!

Everyone has a dance move in them!

We all like to dance around the kitchen to our favourite tune or create our own routines in our bedroom in front of the mirror.  Here’s your chance to show off your talents!

You can either present it on video, draw it, write it or make it!

Task 1: Dance Routine.  Be creative and use an unusual place to create a dance.  eg your kitchen, your car, on your bicycle, in the woods, on the beach, in your garden shed.

Task 2: Design your own Daily Stretch.  Create your own daily stretch workout and follow it for a week.

Send your ideas to your teacher.

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