All Students Gain 5+ GCSE Passes

We are delighted to announce that all our GCSE students achieved 5+ GCSE passes this year, with 96.4% of all grades passed at grade 9-4. Whilst there were pleasing results across all subjects, History enjoyed almost 80% passes at grade 9-7.

Some Outstanding Individual Success

Of particular note were James Wilson, who achieved nine grade 9s and one grade 8, Charlotte Turner who gained eight grade 9s and two grade 8s and Mackenzie Clarke with four grade 9s and six grade 8s.


A Healthy Mix of Academics and Hobbies

West Buckland prizes breadth and balance so we were particularly impressed that so many performed well across a number of subjects while maintaining a rich diet of hobbies and extra-curricular activities.

James Tyson will be representing a School’s MCC team at Lord’s next week and managed to juggle his sport with his studies, coming out with some very pleasing results, and Russian student, Yarik Zakharov, who has been at West Buckland for the past four years, gained an outstanding grade 8 in English Literature, despite it not being his first language, in addition to a further four grade 9s and three grade 8s.


Headmaster Delighted

Headmaster, Phillip Stapleton, feels that the students have produced excellent results despite the odds:

“I am delighted for all our pupils today. The desire to ‘toughen up’ GCSE examinations has taken its toll over the last few years as pupils and staff work extremely hard to understand the new grading and assessment criteria.”

“This settling process is strangely unsettling and particularly difficult for those transitioning so it is especially pleasing that the efforts of our staff and pupils have secured another strong set of results, as well some outstanding individual performances.”

“These results are a credit to their diligence and serve to increase the future options available to each pupil, with most of them choosing to continue their studies here at West Buckland.”