Hear about how a French teenager benefitted from a British boarding school experience

In 2018, Louis Dayen, then aged 14, came to West Buckland School as a full boarder for a year. By his own admission, he was being a bit ‘naughty’ in his French school and so his parents decided to give him a new environment. After arriving in the UK speaking very little English, Louis threw himself into school life and quickly made friends with a group of people from the UK and other countries, who he describes as his second family.
Louis was a joy to have in the boarding house, classrooms and sports pitches and he is remembered fondly by staff and students. The rugby and tennis coaches miss him particularly as he excelled at these sports. Off the sports field, he won a prize for Speech and Drama in English, which is a huge achievement within just a few months of arriving in the UK.
Here is the video he made for TED Talks about his experience so everyone can see what Louis thought of boarding. To any prospective international students: don’t let a 5.30pm mealtime put you off!

Watch the video to find out more