Bringing Literature Alive with Art and Theatre

This week we had sessions with our artist-in-residence and a visiting storyteller to help bring to life some famous texts that we are studying.

Storytelling of The Tempest

We are always looking for ways to bring literature to life at school, and this week we had some fantastic sessions. Our librarian Lucy Warrillow arranged for Katy Cawkwell into the Memorial Hall, for a storytelling session. She brought the story of ‘The Tempest’ vividly to life and our Year 7 students were enthralled.
Thank you Katy for the dramatic and exciting session, and to Lucy for arranging it.

Sketching a new Jabberwock

In Prep 5, our artist-in-residence Joseph Witchall led a session about Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’. The children had studied the poem, then suggested characteristics of how a Jabberwock might look. ‘Definitely a lion’s body’…’Must have wings’… were enthusiastic suggestions and watching Joseph draw from inspiration was very exciting for all of us.

Thank you Joseph for bringing the poem to life for us.