Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Garden

Shiny, new greenhouse

Exciting news! The first step towards creating a beautiful and sustainable Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Garden on campus has been taken, as the new greenhouse was successfully installed over the Easter break. 

Join the Garden Club

The green house is a testament to the school’s commitment to sustainability and environmental education. The plan for the garden and greenhouse is to provide a practical learning experience for students where they can create and run an organic, biodiverse garden that will grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. The Garden Club is open to all age groups and the students here will be able to see firsthand the impact of sustainable gardening and take pride in their contributions to a more sustainable future. 

Endless possibilities

The greenhouse and garden is a welcome addition to our campus that will serve plenty of purposes: Boarders will be able to work on, and relax in the garden in the evenings and weekends. The Foundation will be able bring guests to relax in the garden and cut flowers from the garden can be used for events and activities. The biology department will be able to teach propagation techniques and aspects of artificial selection of crop plants as well as studying pests and diseases and their control. Furthermore, students will be able to use gardening as a skill or volunteering option for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

A big thank you

We cannot wait to see the garden and greenhouse in their complete flowering glory. The greenhouse was bought using a generous donation to the Foundation and a legacy gift paid for the plants, trees, and other materials needed to make the garden a reality. We would also like to thank St. Johns Garden Centre for generously providing us with a discount on the plants, fruit trees and tools. And finally, a big thank you to Mr. Shawcross for his exceptional idea and plans, and to all the staff and individuals who played a part in bringing this to fruition.