Erin shaves her hair to support Jay's Aim and Little Princess Trust

She’s done it! Year 11 student Erin Huxley has shaved her hair off to raise over £2300 for the Sixth Form charity Jay’s Aim and The Little Princess Trust. Jay’s Aim is the Charity Committee’s chosen charity of the year while the Little Princess Trust, which creates wigs for children undergoing medical treatment, is a cause which is important to Erin.

Donating her hair to make wigs for children in need

Erin has donated her beautiful hair to The Little Princess Trust to make a wig and hopes to raise enough to pay for the wig to be made.

She’s already doing really well so let’s have one last push to finish the fundraising on a high. This past year has been tougher than ever for charities so Erin’s achievement means even more than usual to the chosen causes.

How to donate

We’d like to give a big shout out to Erin’s parents who also shaved their hair off in support of Erin and her causes – that’s gold standard support, we think!

If anyone would like to support her please follow the links below to donate…
For Jay’s Aim, please click:

For the Little Princess Trust, please click: