Year 11 students make a Film in a Day during Field Day

Friday was Field Day at West Buckland School, when all senior school students have a day away from the classroom to expand their learning in new and different ways.


Smartphones are the way to go to make a film in a day

One Day Film School

In a Field Day first, Year 11 students have completed the One Day Film School from the Young Film Academy.  In one full-on day, they learned about the history of cinema, its technological developments and how to use properly the record and edit functions on our miraculous smart phones.


Fight scenes with melons!

Students choreographed fight scenes and created the sound effects to go with them using melons, gloves, wet cloth – even raw meat – then created their own Ten Shot Films.

Thank you to the Young Film Academy

It remains to be seen whether WBS will produce the new Tarantino or Spielberg but we wait to see who will carry off the best film award for their Ten-Shot masterpiece.

Thank you to the Young Film Academy for helping us to achieve great films in just one day.

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