Some outstanding grades

While assessment by examination may have its faults, the process remains the fairest way of assessing pupil knowledge.  At West Buckland, we believe that the skills young people need should be delivered as part and parcel of a full education, so our curriculum is continually upgraded and monitored to provide the rich knowledge our students deserve. 

With this in mind, the Headmaster is ‘particularly delighted by the performance of our pupils taking Art, Music, Drama, and English.  These excellent results show the effort invested by teachers during the pandemic in teaching these subjects, which are difficult to teach online, and the hard work of the pupils involved. 

There are wonderful results across the board with over 80% of pupils gaining one or more top grade and ten pupils securing all top grades of 7-9.’

Some notable sets of results include Michael and James Blackie who both gained a matching set of ten grades 7-9.   Incredibly, Anna Walker scooped a full set of Grade 9s while excelling in her musical activities.

Zac Johnson also scored ten grades 7-9 while also playing 1st XI cricket during his exams (including the MCC match.) 

Ron Tse gained over 60% top grades despite taking his subjects, which included Drama, in his second language, which represents a huge acheivement.

Angel Raji, Isobel Lawrence and Anna Walker scored a double 9 in English Literature and Language.  

Alexander Gard – who received a Headmaster’s Prize for Effort on Speech Day has received a perfect set of 7-9s with 77% of these being grades 8 and 9.  

Fine examples of balancing academic work with extra-curricular activities such as sport, music or art, include Codie Clark, Jasmine Clark, Isla Luhr, Mimi Heath, Thomas Murdoch, Thalia Saltmarsh, Anna Davies and Sascha Sparke, who all achieved outstanding academic progress across all their subjects.  




Only part of the journey

Many of our students took additional studies including Additional Maths, other languages, and the HPQ independent research project while engaging fully in the wider extra-curricular programme on offer.  It is in the combination of these areas that the characteristic values, of confidence, critical thinking, creativity, courage, caring, commitment, and curiosity are forged.  These values define and set apart a West Buckland education. 

All pupils receive focused and individual careers advice to help them with their next steps.  The vast majority have chosen to continue their academic studies, mostly at WBS, and they will be joined by another 25 pupils from North Devon and from around the World.  

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