Pupils of all ages are having fun with home learning

With the summer term now in full swing, a look at what the pupils are up to sees a burst of creativity and fun.

Resourceful Use of Household items!

It seems that our younger pupils have been extremely resourceful in their quest to fulfil some fun science and maths challenges during their home learning sessions since the beginning of this term.

Reception were looking a ‘sinking and floating’ and it seems a washing up bowl was the perfect tool for this.

Meanwhile Year 1 maths has involved the use of a great number of fury creatures and for some it seems like this wasn’t a problem.



Getting Creative

There is nothing like a bit of Duplo and some of our children have been getting really creative!

Others have been using natural props to create gorgeous drawings.

And then there’s just good old fashioned drawings. Anyone recognise this place?

Home learning school Home Learning WBS

All in all it seems like they’ve all been having a load of fun and keeping occupied, busy and learning to be resourceful.


Writing to those we love

Some of Prep having been writing really lovely letters and messages to those they love but cannot be with during this period of lockdown. Some really thoughtful, lovely prose have been put together and sent across the country, some by pigeon post and others in the form of letters and cards.

Year 9 DT recycling project

Nothing could deter our students from their DT work, not even the fact that couldn’t use the workshop. Year 9 were set the task of “designing and building a planter made from materials found around the house, which might otherwise be thrown away or recycled”.

How many logs do you have lying around the house? O well, we can’t wait to see what the planter looks like!

Home Learning Yr 9 DT

Showing a bit of initiative

For Sam Copsey, time in isolation meant a good opportunity to start his Gold Duke of Edinburgh work. Keeping strictly within the regulations of movement and with support from Head of Outdoor Learning, Mr Hathway, Sam has been using his hour’s exercise to start cycling for his physical activity element. Using Strava to track his distances and times, he has accrued over 300 miles so far!

In addition, he has signed up for an online certified bike course over the next 7 months, which he completes weekly and which will count towards the skill element of the award. Well done, Sam!