The 2020 results reflect the school's rigorous approach to GCSEs this year.

West Buckland pupils have cause to celebrate today as they receive the fair and honest grades that represent the last two years’ worth of effort. The 2020 GCSE results are proof that the assessment of grades carried out by the school was rigorous and well-judged. In a year of exam turmoil and uncertainty, there were some impressive individual results, with the overall set of grades accurately reflecting the hard work and commitment of the pupils and staff.


Some Impressive Results

Alfred Reynolds, Millie McLintock and Martha McDonald were all awarded a full set of Grade 9s, whilst Maribel Espinosa-Cabrera, Reese Robinson, Persephone Allaway, Euan Lorimer, Rachel Lee, Isaac Hall and Esme Kwiatkowski gained all Grade 9 and 8.  In addition, a significant number of students gained all Grade 7 and above.

Martha                                                    Millie


The Headmaster's view

After such a trying time for GCSE students this year, Headmaster Phillip Stapleton, says “It is difficult to know how to respond given that the school generated these grades but I believe we have done so with meticulous integrity which reflects fairly the ability and diligence of our students.  It is absolutely right that they are allowed to celebrate success and to stand tall when they receive their results today, so congratulations to all of you: I am delighted and very proud of what you have achieved.”

Reflecting on what has been a very anxious and confusing time for schools and students across the country, Mr Stapleton is pragmatic. “What a difference a week makes. I am not going to linger on the unintended consequences of the U-turn but generosity in a crisis certainly seems right to me.”

“The absence of league tables presents the perfect opportunity for an exercise in self-contentment. There is no need to compare or linger but instead, armed with what you have, move on to the next challenge.  This has been a delightful group of pupils who have consistently adopted a strong work ethic and capacity to embrace all that the school has to offer.  We are equally proud of the way you have supported each other during challenging times. We are looking forward to a record number joining West Buckland Sixth Form.  Our current and joining students have enjoyed an informative online pre-sixth form programme during lockdown so will be well-prepared when they arrive in September.”