Half Term Camp Brings Morale Boost

West Buckland hosted over seventy boarders over the two-week half term break, providing a home-from-home camp for those unable to return to their own home countries due to the current quarantine regulations.  Ranging in age from 12 to 18, the students were treated to a wide range of exciting activities, both in school and beyond, as well as having the opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries before term starts again.

The group have been looked after by our very dedicated, caring and hard-working team of house parents and support staff, who have gone over and above to make sure the students feel safe, happy and cared for.  Some have even taken part in the activities, ranging from a spot of dancing to some daredevil coasteering jumps!

Here, Jonathan Chen, a current Year 13 prefect, tells us what he’s been up to during the two weeks and how the camp has provided many laughs and a great boost to morale.


Friendly Competition

Jonathan says, “It has been a wonderful fortnight for the boarders this autumn break. We have had the opportunity to try out activities new to boarding including baseball, golf, laser tag, paddle boarding and many friendly internal competitions. I was really happy to see morale grow in the community throughout the holiday, given the restrictions and policies we have to abide to in these uncertain times. Everyone has been very appreciative of what has been made available for them.”

Activities for all age groups

“The range of activities provided helped accommodate the different age groups that stayed over. Football and pumpkin carving were perhaps the most popular options amongst all, as boarders displayed high levels of talent and creativity.”

“The plane building challenge also brought a lot of laughter to the house, seeing some fascinating designs (Joe’s oil-rig shaped vehicle and Dicky’s Millennium Falcon Frisby)  and well deserved-wins!”

Homely Environment Allows Everyone to Relax

“As a year 13, along with several of my sixth form friends, with university applications to complete and more tests to sit when school reopens, we were still able to actively take part in a number of events (golf being my favourite), which I think says a lot. The homely environment maintained gave everyone the chance to relax as well as having a good work/life balance.”