International Society raises funds for lunches and shoes at Kenyan school

New shoes

Through the fundraising efforts of the International Society, WBS has managed to raise enough money to provide shoes for the children at Agoro Oyombe School, our partnership school in Kenya. This initiative allows children to get to school comfortably instead of having to walk barefoot or in sub-standard footwear.

Kenya shoes

kenya new shoes

new shoes

A portion of the money raised has been put towards providing sanitary products to allow girls to attend school full-time.

Proper lunches

Part of the money raised has been spent on ensuring primary school children at Agoro Oyombe can have a nutritious lunch, enabling them to focus on their studies in the afternoon. We are delighted to have been able to fund all the equipment and some of the food, as well as helping the school to find other ways of sourcing the required ingredients. One of these methods is improving the use of the school’s own farm.

girls eating lunch

Kenya shoes and lunches

Kenyan girl with lunch

Although charity is not the main reason for our partnership, which is based on ideas for better learning, all these initiatives are designed to aid learning. For more information, see the Kenya link at the bottom of our website.