Celebrating our Own on International Women's Day

Our Alumni Inspire Future Generations

Jockey Lizzie Kelly (04-11C), human rights barrister Charlie Pattison (92-03C) and Lindsey Denyer (05-10F), one of the first women to graduate as an Army officer in the Royal Artillery from Sandhurst, are just a few of a long list of our female alumni whose careers we can celebrate on International Women’s Day.


Today's Opportunities for Women

There is no better time to acknowledge the great opportunities that exist for today’s young women, including our students, allowing them to go forward into the world with confidence to pursue the career path of their choice.

In addition to those mentioned above, our female alumni have become accountants, civil servants, bankers, surveyors, and mothers, among a myriad of other roles. All are champions to be celebrated and hopefully many will look back and see that the school played a pivotal role in helping them to succeed through developing self-belief, a strong work ethic and a sense of where they belong in the wider context of the world.


Welcoming Girls Since 1979

West Buckland has always prided itself on not producing stereotypes, whilst encouraging its students to explore their passions and dreams. Since the school began welcoming girls in 1979, we applaud the challenging, exciting, unique and fascinating paths that all our students have taken and succeeded in, regardless of gender or nationality. Considering this, there is much for our current students, male and female, to feel positive about.