Pupils of all ages are having fun with home learning

There are amazing things happening in the homes of our students as well as in school, as our key worker children and those working from home get into the swing of a busy summer timetable online.

Key worker children show their appreciation

As the summer term enters its second week, we have a number of key worker children at school, across all ages and, it seems some of them decided to get creative during their PE lesson!  Assisted by Mr Priest, they showed their appreciation for the NHS, with many of their parents being on the front line themselves, at our local hospitals, health centres and care homes.

Key workers





Hungry caterpillars

Anyone who decided to have a clear out of their dressing up cupboard may be regretting it now!  Some of our Prep children were using the story of The Hungry Caterpillar to help with their measuring in Maths.

Home learning hungry caterpillar


Studying artists

Others have been doing a really interesting project on the artist Matisse, using some of his techniques to recreate some of his famous artworks. The results were stunning and the children have really excelled themselves!
Home learning - Matisse

home learning - Matisse 3

Home from home

Some of our key worker students have been boarding full time at school. Staying in Parker’s, they have been joining their classmates for their online classes during the day and then enjoying the facilities at school in the evenings.

They are being looked after by Head of Boarding, Mr Robinson, and his family, who have very much created a home from home feel for the students, complete with ‘Friday Theme Nights’. Themes to date have included ‘The Kardashians’ and ‘Movie Themes’. Once again, the school dressing up cupboard has come in handy!

The Exmoor will not be beaten!

Not even a pandemic can stop us from running the annual Exmoor, only this year it is slightly different. The West Buckland students and community has been asked to do their Exmoor Run individually and then submit their evidence online – collecting points for their house.

It seems Fortescue current and former students have really taken this challenge on board and even our overseas students have got the bug. German student, Malte Ohlmann and his OWBA mum, ran their Exmoor through the streets of their home town in their Fortescue shirts and socks!

Exmoor Run