Max Tops Great Music Results

 Year 13, Max Lo, has been awarded a scholarship to study for a music degree (BMus) at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  In addition to this, Max has also been offered a place at the Royal Academy of Music.


The Icing on the Musical Cake

Max Lo’s fantastic offers were the icing on the cake after our musicians received some excellent results in their recent music exams. Max, who has been at West Buckland School since he joined in Year 10, specialises in clarinet and saxophone, is one of several students at the school who have excelled in music.

This was borne out when the students received their music exam results which should a good number gaining distinctions and merits.  These included Ben Lee, who gained a distinction in Grade 8 piano and who is looking to read Music at university.

Other Great Results

However, there was success across all age groups and the results were:

Ben Lee (G8 piano): distinction

Jessica Madge (theory): distinction and (G1 clarinet): merit

Persephone Allaway (G8 piano): merit

Winnie Friend (piano): distinction

Abi Ward (G2 violin and theory): distinction

Peter Savory (G3 flute): merit

Dakota Mathieson (theory): merit

Samuel Nicolson (piano): pass

Suzanna Howard (theory): distinction

Tom Kite (violin): merit

Aidan Lansley (G4 piano): merit

Aiofe O’Connor (G2 flute): merit

Caitlin Brooks (G1 piano)

Mikey Stradling (G1 alto sax): merit

Rosa Davey (G2 flute)

Vincent Burton (G2 clarinet): merit

Gabrielle Lansley (G3 piano): merit

Rory Lansley (G5 piano)

Zachary Allaway (G7 piano)

Martha Hall (G4 flute)

Edie Maytum (G5 viola)

Flora Boyles (G6 piano and G5 violin):

Emma Blackie (theory)

Alex Bingham (G8 alto sax): merit

Katie Woods (G7 flute): Trinity/ Guildhall merit

Director of Music, Nick Smith, is delighted with the results. “Despite the setbacks and frustrations that the pandemic causes, our musicians are still doing really well.  Max’s achievement should not be underestimated as the Guildhall and Royal Academy are amongst the most prestigious institutions in the world and only accept the very best musicians. However, on a wider level, I’m really proud of all our musicians, who have done so well, in difficult circumstances.”