Medical procedures brought to life by surgical experts

Dissection club learns from experts

Yesterday our Sixth Form biologists had the opportunity to learn from expert medics how to perform various surgical techniques. Nineteen of our Year 12 and Year 13 biologists benefitted from hands-on experience in surgery.


Orthopaedic surgeons teach suturing

Mr Luke Brunton, Mr Michel Kenaan and Mr Owen Sparkes, who work in the orthopaedic surgery departments at NDDH, came to teach the students how to use a scalpel and how to do two different types of suture.


Inserting a chest drain and repairing organs

Mr Danny McRae showed students how to insert a chest drain and how to remove air and fluid from the chest.


Meanwhile, Mrs Katie Cross taught students how to repair a bowel using suturing techniques.


Inserting and removing devices from the body

Dr Liz Shawcross showed the students how to insert and remove Nexplanon, a depot contraceptive.

Thank you to all our visitors for giving up their time to help our students and to Owen Sparkes, a surgical assistant, who was also on hand to support the students. The experience is invaluable and the support from experts is much appreciated.