Bamfylde House

Girls Senior Boarding 11-16

Bamfylde House, situated on the main campus, offers accommodation for girls aged 11 to 16. Conveniently located a short stroll from the main academic buildings, the house can host up to 38 boarders. These students are under the watchful and caring eyes of dedicated Houseparents, who reside adjacent to the house. On duty from early evening to the following morning, they ensure the well-being and safety of each student. We take pride in welcoming pupils from around the world alongside our UK boarders, fostering a vibrant and diverse boarding community where different cultures converge and lasting friendships are forged.

Bamfylde accommodates girls from Years 7 to 11, with a total capacity of 34 full-time boarders. We prioritise creating a homely atmosphere for all our students.

Girls at Bamfylde typically share rooms that accommodate 2 to 4 students. It’s rare for us to place more than 4 girls in a room, unless they are in Years 7, 8, or 9 or are staying for a short term.

Students in Years 10 and 11 are exclusively in rooms that hold 2, 3, or 4 girls.

Each bathroom is designed for use by up to 10 girls and is equipped with 4 sinks, 3 showers, and 3 toilet cubicles.

For storage, each girl is provided with at least half a wardrobe and two drawers. Given that all beds are single-sized, we advise students not to overpack.

Outside of school hours, the girls have numerous activities to engage in. Weekend basketball and volleyball tournaments on campus are particularly popular, as is the Saturday shopping excursion to Barnstaple. Moreover, they can choose to embark on thrilling weekend trips to nearby attractions or explore cities such as London, Exeter, or Cardiff. Horse riding in Exmoor or surfing at our neighbouring beaches is another favorite activity during the spring term.