Outdoor learning provides fresh challenges

As part of the Outdoor Learning programme, Year 8 are thriving on a rotation of activities designed to enhance their team work, problem solving and lateral thinking skills.
We are grateful to Devon and Cornwall Police for coming into school to teach our students some of the skills required in police work. This week, students attended a simulated car crash and had to work out how they would approach the evidence in front of them. Thank you to the Sixth Formers who acted as passengers and hit-and-run drivers!


Students also enjoyed a close-up inspection of the inside of a police car and making sure the sirens were in full working order. We can confirm that the sirens worked perfectly, every time.


Other groups were sent out into the woods to learn about shelters and making fires with flints. They had to construct a shelter from found items in the woodland and a selection of basic provisions, and then set a fire and light it with a flint. They all showed a very positive attitude in solving the problems they were set.

Archery and crate stack skills

Some students took part in a crate stacking exercise, utilising a harness to climb into the air to see how high the crates could be stacked. The pupils had to rely on their team and their problem solving techniques in this exercise.
Meanwhile, another group honed their aim in the archery range, which got quite competitive, especially where beating the teachers’ scores was concerned.