Two author visits to Prep School

The Prep school enjoyed two fantastic and engaging talks from children’s authors John Townsend and Suzie Laverty.  The school has always strived to make learning fun and to encourage a love of reading and the children were captivated by the stories and activities.


Fun with Palindromes

Author of Never Odd or Even, John Townsend, gave a talk on writing about animals for y3-6 then gave a talk to Y5 on palindromes which was great. The novel, Never Odd or Even is, about a crime that has been committed and 12 year old Eliot knows who committed it. He tells the truth through a serious of anagrams and other puzzles.

Never Odd or Even is, itself, a palindrome and the children loved discovering all these words that work both ways.

Betty's Binoculars

Then Suzie Laverty came into Pre-prep to talk about her beautifully illustrated book, Betty’s Binoculars, where Betty uses her binoculars to find magic all around her.

After reading the story, the children loved making their own binoculars and finding their own magic.