Few places left in Prep School

Don’t leave it too late! Year 6 , Year 5 and Year 3 have limited places for Sept 2022.

Emily Woods


Emily Woods

I joined West Buckland prep school in year 4 and am now a weekly boarder in year 12, making the most of the incredible new sixth form facilities. Parker’s not only offers us a friendly community to live in but also a perfect social space for sixth form day pupils to spend lunchtimes and study periods.

Life studying A levels, whilst participating in many extra curricular activities, can be challenging but being able to board has allowed me to organise my time well. In particular, I’m very involved with the school’s dynamic music department and have been part of the senior school orchestra and choir since year 7. I play the piano and the violin and like that there are many opportunities to play in formal and informal concerts throughout the year.

I am studying Spanish, English and Philosophy and overall, feel that my teachers and the careers information available are giving me an ideal pathway to further education.