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Here's why...

LOCATION! A beautiful 90-acre campus, surrounded by national parks and located close to coastlines, helping children develop a curiosity and interest in the world around them. It is these surroundings which allow children to enjoy and thrive with our outdoor learning and forest school. 

SMALL CLASS SIZES AND SPECIALIST TEACHERS: From sports to languages, science to English, pupils at West Buckland School have access to specialist teachers who can give them a personalised education to ensure they learn in the best way that suits their individual needs. Our Personalised Learning Department is also on hand to offer extra support to those who may need it. 

FACILITIES: Our facilities are some of the best in the South West peninsula. Our state-of-the-art amenities includes a sports hall, swimming pool, library, art centre and our 150 theatre. Situated on a spacious 90-acre campus, we provide ample opportunities for extra learning activities, such as forest school and outdoor lessons, encouraging children to embrace their adventurous and creative spirits amidst the natural surroundings. 

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EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Our extracurricular program provides an extensive range of opportunities carefully crafted to push children beyond their comfort zones, nurturing their courage to venture into uncharted territory. By participating in various activities, they not only improve their existing skills but also develop a genuine enjoyment for teamwork, while simultaneously uncovering hidden passions

FLEXIBILITY: Here at West Buckland, we are flexible in our learning by not being restricted by the National Curriculum. This allows us to adapt out teaching to ensure that children are stimulated, active, and with a genuine interest and responsibility for their work.

SIMPLE TRANSITION : When attending West Buckland Prep School, our transition from prep to senior school is seamlessly integrated. The school has taken great care to establish a strong connection between the prep and senior school facilities, creating a smooth transition and fostering a sense of belonging for our young learners. This creates a cohesive and nurturing environment where young learners can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally. This integration helps students build strong relationships with their peers and teachers, which plays a crucial role in their overall growth and development.

COMPLETE CARE: We offer drop-off starting at 8 am, along with a diverse selection of after-school clubs and an extensive network of buses departing at 5 pm to various locations across the region.

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