Prep pupils use practical skills to hone their learning

Lots of ways to learn

Since the start of the Summer Term, Prep School pupils have been learning in a range of different ways.

Bird boxes

Prep 4 have been making bird boxes during their DT lessons, as part of the WBS emphasis on the environment and helping to preserve our wildlife. They are learning to measure the necessary wood and use woodwork tools, and look forward to seeing their boxes up in the trees.

making bird boxes

making bird boxes

Making summer fruits smoothies

As part of their learning about food and nutrition, Prep 4 made their own blend of summer fruits into smoothies. The results were more popular than their previous concoctions based on George’s Marvellous Medicine!

summer smoothies           smoothies

smoothies smoothies

Dissecting flowers

In another strand to learning about ecology, wildlife and plant species at West Buckland School, Prep 5 spent time dissecting flowers to understand how plants are constructed.

    Dissecting flowers

Dissecting flowers     dissecting flowers    Dissecting flowers


Prep 2 decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather to take their maths outside. The class are learning about measuring, so they practised running for 10 seconds and measured how far their partner could run in metres and centimetres. No sprinting records were broken but the children now feel more confident about measuring and recording results.

maths running challenge