Boarders race on the go kart track

Last weekend, the boarders spend the day at Raceworld in Exeter competing in a full day of go karting. Activities like this are fantastic for bonding the community and giving everyone a well-deserved change from studies. 52 students took part and gave the staff a run for their money!

Mr Bloxham, lead house parent of Boyer House, has given us a snapshot of how the day went.

Qualifying for finals

We started off with qualifying race each in groups to establish fastest lap times and ‘not so fastest’ lap times, after which drivers were placed into four different 20 lap finals (A, B, C, D).

I was particularly disappointed at not making the cut for Final A, but I was was quite happy with my podium finish for Final C!

The heats

In the heats, the results were:

Final D
1st place – Linus
2nd place – Elsa
3rd place – Ryan Fong

Final C
1st place – Hayden
2nd place – Ron
3rd place – MR BLOXHAM


Final B
1st place – Egor
2nd place – Coral
3rd place – Florence

The battle for Final A

Final A was a battle fought out on two fronts!

The skirmish for 3rd place was between Boyer House’s answer to Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher! Dan and Max went head to head and gave the crowd a good show. Throughout the race, Max lead but Dan was hot on his heels, both gaining ground on the track and making mistakes that had the crowd on the edge of their seats! Sadly, it wasn’t Dan’s day and Max rode home for 3rd place.

Mark and Oscar went head-to-head early doors and Mark held on to his lead with grace and dignity for the first 15 laps or so before feeling some real pressure from Oscar. Oscar drove with a flawless style similar to that of Guanyu Zhou and patiently waited for his moment in the final 5 laps where he managed to secure a glorious, well-fought-out victory.

The results of Final A were:

1st place – Oscar
2nd place – Mark
3rd place – Max

A big thank you to Mr Bloxham and Mrs Sutcliffe for arranging such a fantastic day out and to students for getting involved enthusiastically. Who will take the podium next time, we wonder?

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