Adolescence can be a challenging time for many, and we believe it is important for young people to be given the chance to explore a host of topics in an open and caring environment.

Making the Right Decisions

We aim to empower students so that they can make mature choices for themselves and be aware, vigilant and well informed of the world around them. To further these ends, pupils in Years 7 to 9 take part in Personal Health and Social Education (PHSE) and in Years 10-13 students follow a programme of Enrichment.

Years 7 to 9

All students in Years 7 to 9 are introduced to topics such as study skills, healthy relationships, personal safety, substance misuse, child exploitation and how to be an active citizen.

There is also a focus on fundamental British values such as the rule of law, political rights and constitutional democracy.

Careers assemblies introduce topics such as ‘Living in the Wider World’ and students use the Morrisby online careers platform for the first time to assist with post-14 and GCSE choices.

Years 10 to 11

The programme of Enrichment in Year 10 is taught weekly and delivered by subject specialists. It includes topics such as practical economics, study skills, advice on work experience, sexual health, drugs and alcohol awareness, bullying/harassment, mental health and British values.

Year 10 students enjoy career activity days in June and personal guidance interviews with the Head of Careers..  Throughout Year 11 students receive timetabled fortnightly careers lessons, targeted at their post-16 choices and include preparing a CV and cover letter, interview skills and individual feedback.

Sixth Form

In Sixth Form we cover topics which aim to prepare students for university and beyond such political engagement, street awareness, work-life balance, risky situations at university, the role of the media in the world, drug and alcohol awareness and global events.  We also run a busy schedule of guest speakers from across a number of industries.

Fortnightly careers lessons, focusing on post-18 options, include detailed advice on university applications, apprenticeships, gap years and employment.  Year 12 students have personal guidance interviews with the Head of Careers and visit the UCAS Fair in Exeter in March and there are numerous opportunities to attend University Open Days. Morrisby continues to be used.