Sleet Fails to Dampen Exmoor Spirits

Four Seasons in One Day

It was a case of ‘four seasons in one day’ for the school’s annual cross country run ‘The Exmoor’! The event, which has taken place on the last Thursday of the Easter term for over 160 years, saw pupils from Year 8 and above running up to 10 miles across some of Exmoor’s most beautiful, and steep, landscape, back to the main school.

If that’s wasn’t tough enough, all senior school students from year 8 and above walk around eight miles to the start points, one of which was steeped in snow, before they even begin the run back to school. This year’s race started in snow, threw in some hail, wind and sunshine and finished in sleet.

Over 60 OWBA, parents and friends competing

As always, we were delighted to be joined by over 60 runners made up of OWBA, parents and members of the wider school community, who took up the challenge of either the long (10 miles) or short (6.7 miles) course. Runners in the long race ran along snowy lanes for the first two miles before descending off the top of the moor, following the route through some of the most beautiful Exmoor countryside.

The results

First U13 Year 8 girl: Anna Kwaitkowski
First U13 Year 8 boy: Wilbur Guildford

The Junior Girls result:
1. Daisy Cotton
2. Amy Pullen
3. Flora Boyles

The Junior Boys result:
1. George Thomas
2. Jono Williams
3. Toby Spear

Senior Girls:
Senior Short Exmoor:
1. Evie Burrows
2. Laura Watt
3. Ella Clifton

Senior Long Exmoor:
1. Fiona Corrick
2. Holly Crosbie
3. Emily Wilson-North

Senior Boys:
Senior Short Exmoor:
1. Justin Wellm
2. Jack Lee
3. Benson Tai

Senior Long Exmoor:
1. George Greensmith
2. Will Wardle
3. Archie Guildford

OWBA Short Exmoor:
1. Alex Spear
2. Geoffrey Everett-Brown
3. Sam Baker

OWBA Long Exmoor:
1. John Hancock
2. Barnaby Hayward
3. Fred Kingdon