What is the Ten Tors?

“If there is anything more important than the will to succeed, it is that the will shall not falter,” the founder of the Ten Tors Challenge said.

The Ten Tors Challenge is a two day expedition organised by the British Army, for teams of 6 young people aged between 14 and 19. Each team must visit 10 specified checkpoints during a walk of 35, 45 or 55km over the rugged terrain of Dartmoor, depending on the ages of the team. It is known as a tough challenge requiring mental and physical resilience.
‘All those who attempt Ten Tors will undoubtedly remember it for the rest of their lives and for many it will be a life-changing experience,’ was another comment made by the organisers.

A life-changing experience

‘All those who attempt Ten Tors will undoubtedly remember it for the rest of their lives and for many it will be a life-changing experience.’

This could not be truer for our three resilient West Buckland School teams who through commitment, training, endurance and grit completed their routes this weekend within the 36 hour deadline for the 60th anniversary of the Ten Tors Challenge on Dartmoor.

A feat of incredible teamwork from each and every one of them. They have to be totally self-sufficient, carrying all they need to eat, sleep, walk and keep safe in this harsh terrain.

Well done to all the team members, who were:
Group A, 35km
Rodrigo Anzules-Argote
Evie Bishop
Thomas Beacham
Henry Cousins (leader)
Finlay Curminskey
Isabel Van Santen

Group B, 35km
Ethan Ash
Luke Stapleton
Matilda Lambert
Purdita Oliver
Ella Smith (leader)
Chris Kenaan

Group A, 45km
Juliette Reed (leader)
Flora Boyles
Andrew Savory
Ed Broggio
Anna Wilson
Jed Haines

The spectacle

The spectacle of the weekend had to be seen to be believed. Navy support helicopters flew low overhead supplying the check posts and providing 24-hour search, rescue and casualty evacuation facilities while 2900 teenagers navigated their way around the moor.

The 45-mile team had a gruelling route and the emotion of the team and supporters could be seen etched on their faces as they crossed the line. The 35-mile teams’ pink hats stood out a mile and the cheers from the families supporting as each set of pink hats were spotted on the horizon through binoculars could probably be heard in North Devon.

A special thanks has to go to the Outdoor Learning department for the support they gave the children over the weekend and preparing them for the event.

Testimonials - what it was really like!

Although most of our students arrived at the finish line not wanting to take another step, once they had a chance to rest up, they had this to say:

Juliette: ‘Ten Tors is the hardest challenge I’ve ever completed in my life. It is an achievement I will never forget!’

Ella: ‘What an amazing experience!!! Honestly so grateful for everything, it was tough but all pulled through and was definitely worth it!’

Chris: ‘Participating in the Ten Tors was one of the most challenging things I have ever done but also the most rewarding. Team Pink Bucket Hats!’

Anna: ‘Ten Tors was the hardest challenge I’ve ever put myself through, certainly a character-building experience!’

Evie: ‘A challenging yet rewarding experience, with a great sense of achievement at the end.’

Henry: ‘It was such an incredible experience, hard of course, but so satisfying when we crossed the line.’

Ed: ‘It was miserable so I’m doing 55km next year.’