Our LAMDA students excel in exams

Our LAMDA students have done exceptionally well in their recent exams. Anouska Chunilal Moberly gained a Distinction in her Grade 8 Solo Acting exam, giving her a gold medal. She has broken the record for the youngest student to achieve this, so well done to Anouska.

Almost all our students received a Distinction, with particular highlights including Amelie Preston with a Distinction at 84% in Grade 6 Verse and Prose Recital; Eva Greensmith gaining a Bronze Medal at Grade 6 for Public Speaking, with 77% and a Merit; and Anna Davies receiving a Bronze Medal for Grade 6 Solo Acting, with 87% and a Distinction. Anna has done very well to have achieved this level at her age.

Jonty Beglin gained a Distinction and 84% in Grade 5 Public Speaking.

A big cheer must go out to our youngest student in the exams this time, Elsie Barnard. Elsie gained an impressive 85% and a Distinction for Grade 3 Solo Acting.



Anna, Eva and Amelie



Our EAL students gain record-breaking results

Our international students who take EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes have also taken part in LAMDA exams, with impressive grades, especially Philip Lofqvist, with a Distinction in his grade 6. The results are below:

Evan Lin 66% Merit Grade 3
Lilly Grimm 77% Merit Grade 4
Paula Gutermann 66% Merit Grade 4
Zoe Heimel 80% Distinction Grade 4
Lara Pescosta 86% Distinction Grade 4
Julia Piasta 85% Distinction Grade 4
Teresa Ubber 85% Distinction Grade 3
Romeo Reichenstein 86% Distinction Grade 5
Alex Gradillas 92% Distinction Grade 5
Benita Haacke 85% Distinction Grade 4
Praewa Pradabsuk 88% Distinction Grade 5
Gabriel Vatel 93% Distinction Grade 5
Luisa Grabmaier 87% Distinction Grade3
Lucia Iserte 84% Distinction Grade 3
Javier Lopez 84% Distinction Grade 3
Carmen Martinez Algas 82% Distinction Grade 3
Levi Stephan 74% Merit Grade 3
Leo Ludvig 85% Distinction Grade 3
Mark Novitski 73% Merit Grade 3
Nora Hoffmann 85% Distinction Grade 5
Cheryl Lui 77% Merit Grade 4
Nancy Ruan 87% Distinction Grade 5
Bruce Lai 86% Distinction Grade 5
Luka Ramishvili 88% Distinction Grade 5
Dicky Pang 82% Distinction Grade 5
Santi Menedez 73% Merit Grade 3
Jacob Zhang 76% Merit Grade 4
Yasemin Altintop 85% Distinction Grade 4
Philip Lofqvist 82% Distinction Grade 6.

Well done to all our students.