Surprisingly Short Shorts and Other Memorable Moments

Mrs Caron Hone, Day Matron

Hilarious exuberance, 1970s fashion and morning seranades

Caron Hone, Parker’s new Day Matron, looks back on a memorable first term in the Sixth Form house. 

Being Day Matron

It has been an interesting first term for me in Parker’s – not really knowing what challenges were ahead of me and whether I’d be accepted into the fold.

Needless to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as Day Matron in Parker’s so far and have been exposed to many hilarious experiences, which will become memorable.

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The Six Formers have been a delight to get to know and have quite often had me in hysterics with their wit and exuberant personalities. Paddy Colville recently entered the house run sporting a pink t-shirt and the shortest shorts not seen since the 1970s. Robert Stirzaker, recently nick-named Robert Starsinger, entertains me most mornings with a rendition from an array of musicals and I enjoy the positive spirit he brings every day.

I would like to thank Jonathan Lethaby for assisting me with registration each afternoon, taking no nonsense from video texts from students too lazy to come over from the library to Parker’s to register – as he says “If you’re not stood before me then I haven’t seen you!” He taketh no prisoners and is a very wise young man.

I have also enjoyed spending time and getting to know the Year 12 students, discussing life in general whilst enjoying a break and a cuppa on a Tuesday afternoon.

Thank Yous

I would like to thank Molly Muir for being the first person to welcome me to Parker’s and show me the ropes, always with a smile on her face – friendly, hard-working and perfect for the role of Head Girl (couldn’t have chosen a more deserving person).

A big ‘thank you’ to my lovely colleagues – what a fantastic team we are in Parker’s and long may it continue.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.