Aliens Land in time for World Book Day 2020

When the Prep School students arrived in school today, we were met with a big surprise. It seemed that an alien invasion had taken place! Miss Phillips showed students that she’d found a strange thing in the playground, with flashing lights, metal parts and bright colours, which seemed to have crash-landed from outer space. The students wondered how it had got there and noticed footprints around the edge of the crater.

Alien Evidence Bags

Once we had examined the mystery flashing object which had made the crater, we took some evidence bags back to the classroom for examination.

This may have been alien food, or possibly alien washing powder.

The aliens had left some pink and sparkly powder and mesh but we weren’t sure what the aliens might need it for.

When Miss Phillips found loads of tiny rocks sprinkled across the playground and field this morning, she managed to gather some up to show us. Perhaps aliens need gravel, or maybe they use it in a way we haven’t thought about yet?


Aliens lay eggs... or do they?

Our teachers also found alien eggs scattered around so we were wondering whether we might get alien babies, or perhaps we could make scrambled aliens on toast?

We look forward to uncovering lots of these mysteries as the week unfolds.