Wellbeing Hub launches for parents, students and teachers

Just as we enter another lockdown, we are pleased to be able to offer a new resource to support students, parents and teachers with aspects of mental health and wellbeing.


How Teen Tips benefits WBS and Park School

West Buckland School is delighted to have signed up to the Teen Tips Wellbeing Hub, a facility that provides valuable resources to support staff, parents and young people to deal with the challenges facing teenagers now and in the future.  By enrolling in the programmethe school has enabled free access to the Hub for neighbouring Park Community College in Barnstaple for one year 

The subscription has been very kindly paid for by the school’s pro-active and supportive Parents Association. Developed by child and adolescent psychotherapist and wellbeing expert, Alicia Drummond, the Teen Tips Hub provides a set of valuable resources to support teachers and parents alike. Membership to the Hub for West Buckland and Park School gives access to a live and interactive online portal for staff and parents, which holds a source of training, resources and support for a wide range of issues which our young people may face.  

Adolescent psychotherapist and wellbeing expert, Alicia Drummond, who has developed Teen Tips said, “I am delighted that West Buckland are amongst the first schools to have purchased the Wellbeing HubAll the content is created by experts and is designed to help children thrive socially, emotionally and academically but it is also there as a reference point for when things are not going quite according to plan.   

Another element of the Hub toolkit is the Inspiring Futures Podcast series, which provides careers advice via insiders’ perspectives on different industries, roles and career paths. Furthermore, there is a weekly live Q&A with a child and adolescent psychotherapist, an Ask the Expert service and a library of topics.  

Deputy Head Pastoral at West Buckland, Mrs Caoimhe Pettingell, who was behind the decision for the school to sign up to Teen Tips, sees this as a very positive step. “I really feel that this facility will help staff, pupils and parents within our school community and help promote self-esteem by providing practical help and coping mechanisms to weather some of the challenges that teenagers face.  The fact that we are able to extend this to our neighbours at Park Community School is a huge bonus, hopefully benefiting thousands of families in North Devon. 

Member benefits

Parents and students will benefit from:

Complete Parenting Teens Audio & Video Courses
Weekly Updated Resources – podcasts, blog posts, interviews, tips and articles
Weekly Live Q&A with a Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist
‘Inspiring Futures’ Careers Mini-Podcasts to play to your child
Ask The Expert Q&A Service
Q&A Library
Parents Forum
Member Offers
Access To Specialists (paid service)
25% Discount on Teen Tips Open Webinars