WEBS Sixth Form society plans proposal to improve environment at school

West Buckland Ecology and Biodiversity Society (WEBS) is our Sixth Form society which is focused on initiatives to improve the environment at school.

WEBS' proposal to improve the school environment

As we showed in a recent story on this website, WEBS have plans to establish a larger wildflower meadow at school. In addition to that, several of our Sixth Formers have put together a proposal to school management and governors, to improve various areas of school life.

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As with many of our clubs, both boys and girls are equally active participants. In this case, we’ve been proud to highlight some of the girls’ initiatives as this ties in with the BBC Radio 4 feature, the Our Planet Power List, which showcases major female players in environmental roles.

The five Year 12 members of West Buckland Ecology and Biodiversity Society (WEBS), who are Lucia Gard, Daisy Lambert, Chloe Parry, Esme Kwiatkowski and Jess Cormack, will present a series of proposals to the Staff Senior Leadership Team and then to School Governors on their ideas to improve the school environment. Their ideas include:
improving the biodiversity of the school site as well as reducing waste and the school’s impact on the climate.
Jess has organised the planting of 420 trees with the prep school;
Lucia has developed a survey to find out about the pupils’ attitude to waste and sustainable food;
Chloe and Daisy have been liaising with the catering department about how we can reduce food and packaging waste;
Esme has been discussing with the assistant bursar how we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce waste more widely.