We are very pleased to announce the new cohort of prefects and team leaders

The Senior Prefects, which constitutes the Heads of School, Team Leaders and Heads of Houses and Pillars, were announced in the Headmaster’s Celebration Assembly last week.

The entire prefect team attended a training evening on Thursday night after the Year 12 barbeque and take up their roles with immediate effect.

We look forward to seeing how this excellent group of students will work with the school community throughout the next 12 months.

New cohort of prefects and heads of houses and pillars

Heads of School: Reese Robinson, Ollie Heath, Martha MacDonald

Heads of School West Buckland Devon

Heads of House:
Brereton – Iman Adamu, Chloe Parry
Courtenay – Maribel Espinosa-Cabrera, Ethan Cross
Fortescue – Reuben Windley, Joshua Coe
Grenville – Millie McLintock, Ben Pugsley
House Prefects – Natalie Cheung, Rachel Leung, Joe Thompson, Scarlett Read-Jones, Esme Kwiatowski, Ben Stucley, Ben Chambers, Brandon Murrin, Fionn Toland

Academic Extension – Euan Lorimer, Joyce Man, Conor Holland, Alfred Reynolds
President of the Phoenix Society – Euan Lorimer

Sport – Daniel Mock, Reuben Faulkner, Joseph Pearce, Ellen French, Fearne Harris
CCF and Outdoor Learning – Emma Blackie, Sophie Temple
Performing Arts – Pish Allaway, Loveday Williams, Mia Sharman
Boarding – Samathy Fung, Jack Lee, Jasmine Szucs, Miki Wong
Pastoral – Molly Hanson, Sean French, Ben Boughey, Layla Isaac
Environmental – Lucia Gard, Jess Cormack
Team Leaders – Hugh Kilvington, Fred Raybone, Maddie Kail, Bella Pearson, Douglas Tam

Congratulations to our new team and we look forward to seeing what you can achieve in the coming year.