Year 7 at West Buckland School

Do you want the best senior school education for your child in 2024? So do we.

With small class sizes, a full programme of sport, music and drama, plus an incredibly exciting and forward-thinking academic curriculum, the possibilities are endless.

We believe every child’s education should be as unique as they are. As you step into Year 7, we invite you to join a community that celebrates individuality, nurtures talent, and fosters a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. Embark on an educational journey that prepares your child not just for the next grade, but for the future. At West Buckland School we believe in a curriculum that’s as dynamic and innovative as the world around us.

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Why year 7 at West Buckland School


From sports to languages, science to English, students at West Buckland School have access to specialist teachers who can give them a personalised education to ensure they learn in the best way that suits their individual needs. Our Personalised Learning Department is also on hand to offer extra support to those who may need it. 


Our extracurricular program provides an extensive range of opportunities carefully crafted to push children beyond their comfort zones, nurturing their courage to venture into uncharted territory. By participating in various activities, they not only improve their existing skills but also develop a genuine enjoyment for teamwork, while simultaneously uncovering hidden passions.


We offer a variety of boarding options from Year 7 onwards to accommodate busy lifestyles,  parental work commitments or simply to have additional time to engage in school-related opportunities. These include Full and Weekly Boarding, alongside Flexi-Boarding for regular overnight stays during the week. Additionally, we provide Occasional Boarding, a service specifically designed for day pupils who may need to spend the occasional weeknight at school. Understanding the challenges of contemporary life, we aim to support our families with these flexible boarding solutions

Year 7 Assessment Morning and Scholarships

Assessment Morning

We still have limited Year 7 places available for 2024 so please make sure to sign up to one of our entrance assessment mornings:

Saturday 18th November  FULL
Saturday 20th January 

Please send us an email or call 01598 760178 to sign up for assessments or book a personal visit and experience everything we have to offer. We’re here to help you through the process.


Scholarships are awarded to internal and external students based on the assessment of standardised tests, as well as school performance and an interview with the Headmaster. Students going in to Year 7 are invited to attend an assessment morning for entry exams, and we will be holding an assessment week for scholarships the second week of January. Please fill in the below form and send to [email protected] to apply.

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