Year Nine at West Buckland School

These are exciting times to be joining West Buckland School, especially in Year Nine. We believe every child has brilliance within them and we feel it’s our job to reveal it. There’s no better time to start than in Year 9 where our message to students will always be, ‘if you have a passion, we’ll enable you to pursue it’.

Our emphasis on learning ensures each child gains more balance in their life, so they can excel in their studies whilst developing the so-called ‘soft’ skills that are so valued in today’s business environment.

Year Nine students get the individual support they require, whilst maintaining our high expectations. To keep them motivated, we focus on exciting career opportunities and provide the ‘forward-thinking’ education all students need to thrive.

Year Nine creates a world of opportunity! Whether your child is passionate about a future in the arts, sciences, professions or sports, we’re here to support them and to make it happen.

Katie Hill
Head of Middle School

A Future-Ready Year Nine Curriculum

When your child joins West Buckland, they will be given an extensive and challenging new timetable specifically designed around them, providing the optimal balance of academic study, life skills, sports and creativity to leave them motivated, confident and ‘future ready’.

Supportive Community

We’re here to navigate each student through the complexities of adolescence. These may be particularly challenging in Year Nine, where students may feel ‘in limbo’ before they get fully immersed in their GCSE journey. West Buckland is a supportive community and our three-tiered pastoral network is able to support all students during their school journey.

Our Year Nine Success Formula

Academic study

We actively prepare students for 9 GCSEs and the Higher Project Qualification (HPQ), keeping them motivated and develops research skills, self-direction and independent learning.

Holistic education

We focus on ‘soft skills’ and values that today’s employers are looking for. Our 80 extra-curricular activities include outdoor learning, sports, creative projects, community work, cadets and other team-building activities.

Sustainability and the Environment

Our natural ‘classroom’ by the coast and Exmoor National Park, allows us to use nature to help develop creativity, resilience, self-confidence, persuasive skills, empathy and commitment. The close connection with Nature also inspires an interest in the environment and sustainable living.

Three-tiered pastoral care

Staff work hard to create a caring and supporting atmosphere to help each child feel safe and secure. Kindness, honesty and tolerance are core values we promote at all times.

Focus on the Future

Our full-time Careers Advisor supports each child’s career aspirations and subject choices. We also have a full programme of career talks and support students’ university Open Day visits.

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Parent Testimonials

Hear from families of students who recently joined into Year 9

The School Became the Centre of our House Search

We moved to Devon from West Sussex because we felt that if would improve our family life, giving us more time together. Once we had visited West Buckland School, it became the centre of our house search and since our son has started at the Prep school, we've seen a dramatic increase in his confidence and willingness to give new activities a go.

He Came Home Full of Confidence

Our son joined West Buckland as a full-time sixth form boarder. We chose West Buckland because it has a lovely feel to it, friendly but with the right amount of “firm”. The atmosphere in Parker's is great. The students learn to be independent, including doing their own washing, which is great because he does it at home now…. He went away a boy with mixed emotions about boarding and he came home a young man full of confidence– thank you West Buckland.