Skills are as important as knowledge in Year 10

Marking the start of the GCSE syllabus, Year 10 is a time to take your studies seriously, seek support and advice where it is needed and develop the skill of learning.

Skills as Well as Knowledge is the key to success

It’s fair to say that Year 10 marks not just the start of the GCSE syllabus, when their knowledge of their chosen subjects will be tested and their choice of A-levels (and university subject) determined. Whilst knowledge is important, the skills that children learn in their early years create the ground work to successful learning.

The skills that West Buckland students learn include time management, study skills and revision techniques. Whilst much of this starts in the younger years, Year 10 is where these skills are consolidated. Our students develop these skills through a number of different channels: personal teachers, tutors, house masters/mistresses and having small class sizes is enormously beneficial to ensure all students’ needs are met.

A system that works

The last year and a half has been challenging in a way that no-one could have predicted. The pressure on students has been immense.

However, it is the worry of the impact of the pandemic on young people’s academic studies that has been well documented in the media and within educational networks. Online learning has sometimes been patchy, some students have found learning over the internet difficult and the question is, how much will this effect their studies as they take the journey towards their GCSEs?

West Buckland students have been extremely fortunate to have had an almost seamless transition from classroom to online learning (and back again) and academic achievement has remained very high. The school has been seen as a safe pair of hands, providing and academic, as well as pastoral support that the students have needed as they navigate their way through the anxious times.