UK and International students learn more about our wonderful wildlife and ecosystems

Local ecologists and botanists John and Mary Breeds give our students, local and international, a unique insight into our wonderful wildlife and location.

Ecology and the environment are always at the top of our school agenda, both in the curriculum and intertwined with everything we do.  Last week saw our Year 12 and 10 students benefit from the school’s unique and stunning location by being able to study sand dune ecosystems on Braunton Burrows and a wide variety of fauna and flora in our own wildflower meadow.

Year 12 field trip to Braunton Burrows

Year 12 enjoyed a field trip to Braunton Burrows to study succession on a sand dune ecosystem. They were lucky to be joined by local ecologists and botanists John and Mary Breeds. It was a pleasure to share such a wonderful local wildlife site with students from Germany, Hungary, France, Hong Kong and China and for local students to get to know their local environment in greater detail.

We were blessed with glorious weather and the students enjoyed a fascinating and very enjoyable day out of school.

Underwing moths and painted ladies

Year 10 students have also started studying ecology and have been investigating the flora and fauna of the 150 meadow. It was full of life and students enjoyed finding underwing moths, tortoishell, small white, meadow brown and painted lady butterflies while house martins and swifts flew overhead. The biodiversity of the school site really is improving year on year!