Combined Cadet Forces (CCF)

The CCF provides important life skills and opportunities for young people.

Leadership Opportunities

In Year 9, students take part in a programme of CCF activities to give them a chance to experience what CCF can bring to them. Year 10 cadets undertake a Level 2 Effective Team Management course which is reinforced through practical activities. Year 11 take a Level 2 Leadership and Management course introducing them to the fundamental skills of leadership through various models. This is further developed in the Sixth Form through a Level 3 Leadership and Management course.

These courses are integrated practically through the activities in the CCF, including modules such as first aid (with its casualty simulation), expedition training and fieldcraft exercises. The leadership training and qualifications gained in the CCF are transferable into all areas of school life, including responsibilities as prefects, sports teams or the Duke of Edinburgh award.



The aim of the CCF is to develop skills in leadership, responsibility, self-reliance, self-reliance and endurance through a military-style organisation but it also encourages cadets who may be interested in a military career in either the regular or reserve force.

What we do

The main areas of focus for the West Buckland CCF are:

Basic training: cadets learn about uniform, drills, weapons, First Aid, camp and field craft and map reading – many of which will complement the skills required for the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Adventure Training: this includes Easter holiday trips to Snowdonia for walking, climbing and canoeing; and summer camp at Army or RAF camps, which is always very popular.

Shooting: cadets have the opportunity and become members of the school’s teams which compete in small- and full-bore competitions.

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