Welcome to our Senior School

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Welcome to The Senior School

North Devon's Leading Independent School

A message from the Headmaster

“The highest reward for your toil is not what you get for it but what you become by it.” John Ruskin

Academic excellence is the heart of a West Buckland education because it opens doors in pupils’ lives. Our pupils challenge their knowledge and develop as balanced, accomplished individuals who can make a difference.

Our pupils gain the confidence to believe in their abilities to tackle the future, to make sound judgements and to resist the temptation to play safe. Through Christian values they learn to respect others, to be ambitious with a clear sense of purpose and to develop a balanced view of life. They are encouraged to be trail-blazers and to change expectations.

Community life can rarely be captured on a website. The only way to get a genuine feel for what we believe in and what we do is to visit, and meet the people who are the beating heart of the school.

Phillip Stapleton, Senior School Headmaster

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Parent Testimonial

"A strong work ethic has been instilled in the children meaning they can achieve their potential both now and in the future."

Parent Testimonial

“All the children are encouraged to strive for what they want to achieve be it sporting, musical or dramatic prowess and university, military or other careers.”

Parent Testimonial

"We have been impressed with the way the school challenges and inspires its pupils to high levels of achievement."

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% of students that achieved A* to A (A-Levels, 2018)

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% of students that achieved A* to B (A-Levels, 2018)

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% of Further Mathematics grades that were A* to A.

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% of all grades that were passed 9-7 (GCSE, 2018)

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% of students achieved ALL 9-7 (GCSE, 2018)

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% of students achieved ALL Grade 9s (GCSE, 2018)