PASTORAL CARE and Safeguarding

We are, above all, a community. Pastoral care and safeguarding is at the heart of our priorities for every child. Our school has a designated safeguarding team who support all staff to ensure pupil wellbeing and safety is always at the forefront of our minds.

Building Relationships

Positive relationships between pupils, staff and parents are important to West Buckland. The communication between school and home is proactive and parents are encouraged to share in their children’s learning and successes in many events and occasions throughout the year.

The Prep House System

Our House system promotes a very positive community spirit, a sense of belonging and the idea that being part of a team is very important. Every member has something to contribute.

The four Houses compete against each other in a number of events which, as well as the major sports, includes poetry, music, general knowledge, cross-country, running and art. Participation is the aim in all these activities, ensuring that every child’s achievement counts towards their House.

This house system continues through the Senior School and Sixth Form.

Balanced Nutrition

All pupils have school lunches and our excellent caterers provide delicious, well-balanced and nourishing meals, and are well placed to cater for any special dietary needs.  Members of staff eat alongside the children and encourage good conversation and manners.

We understand that our families, as well as the pupils, have busy lives and, as such, we offer flexi-weekly and full boarding opportunities for our older pupils in one of our boarding houses, run by caring houseparents.


Our well trained safeguarding team support the community to be vigilant and responsive to pupil needs.

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Book A Prep Personal Tour:
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Book A Prep Personal Tour:
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