The Creative Arts are a hallmark of a West Buckland Prep education with opportunities for every pupil.


Learning music is a vital life skill, aimed at fostering joy in children through tailored musical experiences. Under the guidance of our Music Director, Dominic Carter, our students embark on a musical journey from an early age.

Classes from Reception to Year 3 enjoy three 30-minute music sessions weekly, while Year 4 to 6, along with Nursery students, have two. Our musical offerings extend to orchestral, wind band and choir opportunities for Year 3 to 6 pupils, with the Prep Chamber Choir standing out as a prominent ensemble, showcasing their talents locally and beyond.

Through both informal and formal concerts, held in various settings, we provide platforms for students to showcase their musical talents, nurturing their confidence and presentation skills.

We offer individual tuition in a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, French horn, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, voice, percussion, Music Theatre, and guitar. With nearly 100 individual lessons per week, most students learn at least one instrument.

Lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes each on a rotating basis within the school day. For further information, please contact our Music Director, Dominic Carter ([email protected]).


Every year group performs a play or musical during the year and these are always a highlight of the Prep School year. Drama is extremely popular amongst the children and they thrive on the opportunity to experience the excitement of being part of a theatrical production.

In addition, children have the opportunity to take part in speech, drama, poetry and public speaking exams through LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), guided by specialist visiting drama teachers.


We are lucky enough to have our own dedicated Art Studio within the stunning 150 Arts Building, where children can explore the use of different mediums, create individual and group pieces and enjoy seeing new creations evolve!

Older pupils will also start to explore the world of design and technology, working with plastics and wood and, under close supervision, experiencing using 3-D printing and digital design to produce their own creations.