Despite the national lockdown, the school remains OPEN for full boarders and key worker children, with other students following our successful online learning programme from home. We are still welcoming applications from students of all ages. Click here for scholarship information.


We aim to provide a forward-thinking education consisting of personalised development, innovative experiences and excellent learning.

Our Strategic Vision

We believe that West Buckland School should be the school of choice in this part of the country, for day and boarding, 3-18 co-education for local, regional and international students.


The Estates Development Vision complements the School Strategic Plan to explore the potential development opportunities, in terms of buildings and facilities, that could be delivered over the next 10 years. Please take a look:



At West Buckland, we are developing a vision that steers pupils and parents through a changing and challenging educational landscape to give them the best possible chance in a future of global fluidity.

Charting a way through choppy waters requires the confidence to find solutions by thinking critically as well as creatively. We instil our students with the courage to act with a generous heart when making decisions, committed to doing what is right while caring for others and their community.


CONFIDENCE : aspiring to make a difference through effective communication and generosity of spirit

CRITICAL THINKING : to have the courage to question, analyse and evaluate for better understanding and informed judgement

CREATIVE : to innovate rather than imitate, to develop the capacity to make connections and challenge the status quo

COURAGE : do what is right, realising that you all have something special to give, and embrace a full education that develops independence, integrity, resilience and strength of character

COMMITMENT : to be hard-working and rigorous, respecting who you are and what you are doing

CARING : to serve your inclusive community within the context of Christian values and use empathy and reflection to maximize your own and others’ potential

CURIOSITY : to be inquiring and open-minded, to know yourself