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Sixth Form Open Evening, Thursday 13th October, 5.30pm. Sixth Form Open Evening

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The Wizard of Oz was a roaring success

According to the cast of last week’s Wizard of Oz, “show week was a blast!” Across three nights, our team of actors, singers and dancers entertained and delighted the audience with a spectacular performance of the Wizard of Oz.

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

Students loved being on stage

After the last two years of cancelled performances and reduced acting opportunities, Mrs Turner said; ‘It was such a joy to see the students enjoying being on stage. From turning up to the auditions, until the last performance it has been a space for the students and staff to be a part of something creative and a sense of achievement for all.’

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

Performing in front of a sell-out audience was a joy

Zac Allaway, who played the Tin Man, said: ‘I really loved rehearsing and performing “The Wizard of Oz”. Playing the “Tin Man” was an amazing experience. What made the production so special was the inclusion of all the senior school year groups (year 7 all the way up to year 13) and the support and encouragement everyone showed towards, each other regardless of age.”

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

“Show week was a blast (although very tiring) and performing in a major theatre with a pit band, lighting, smoke machines and a sold-out audience was a performance to remember for a lifetime. The atmosphere and the praise received by the audience was astonishing. I am just so grateful for everyone who worked behind the scenes and all the members of staff who worked tirelessly to make “The Wizard of Oz” a reality. I wish we could do it all over again!”

Thank you to so many staff, students and parents

Nick Smith and Michael Burstow have said:
Thanks are due to everyone who has helped us to stage this show. We have received support from teachers, catering staff, maintenance staff, IT, market, the bursary and many others. Thanks to parents who have provided transport, items of costume and words of support along the way. Finally, thank you to the cast, who have been wonderful to work with and have done their best to bring you a show to enjoy.’

Wizard of Oz Landmark Theatre West Buckland School

Fantastic to perform with different age groups of actors

Glinda, our wonderful witch, was played by Loveday Williams. Loveday commented:
“I loved performing in the Wizard of Oz. It was so fun to do it with the younger year groups for the first time as they really brought energy and excitement to every rehearsal. At first, I was worried about doing it in year 13 as I am coping with the stresses of everything else! However, becoming Glinda was a lovely break from the stresses of reality, both on the stage and in rehearsals. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity, not just this year, but throughout the school to hone my skills and prepare for a performance life outside of West Buckland.”