Forces Discount and Bursaries

West Buckland School offers means-tested bursaries to eligible parents/guardians for the payment of school fees. For HM Forces families, we welcome boarders who receive the CEA, as well as offering discounts to ALL Forces families.

WBS Financial Support

The Governors are committed to making a West Buckland School education  accessible to as many families as possible and, as such, has a range of means-tested bursaries available.

Our Foundation also offer a limited number of 100% means-tested bursaries every year to children entering Year 7.

In addition, the school has a long and proud association with HM Forces and we welcome families from all areas of the armed forces include those in the Reserves.

Please see below for details.

Means-tested Bursaries

Financial support, in the form of a reduction on tuition fees, is only considered after parents have completed a confidential statement of financial circumstances including supporting documentation on request. This must be accompanied by a letter giving supporting information about the family circumstances now, as well as some indication of how these circumstances may develop in the future.

Details of any financial support must remain confidential and any breach by parents may lead to withdrawal of any award offered. All support is subject to annual reassessment by 1st May each year.



Since our inception in 1858, West Buckland School has had a close association with families from the Forces.

We welcome full boarders who receive the Forces’ Boarding Schools Allowance – Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA).

In addition, we offer a 10% discount to ALL children of Forces families, including those in the Reserves.

For more information on what we offer to our Forces families, please contact our Admissions team 


The West Buckland Foundation bursary programme offers a small number of means-tested 100% bursaries from Year 7 through to and including Year 13.

The closing date for Foundation bursary applications is mid October every year.

For more information on these bursaries, please visit our Foundation page.