Open Days at West Buckland School

Prep and Senior (age 3- 15) Open Day: Saturday 2nd October, from 9.30am
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Sixth Form Open Evening (age 16): Wednesday 13th October, from 5.45pm
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Awarded at years 7,9 and 12, scholarships are open to internal and external candidates for excellence in a number of different disciplines.

Our Scholarship Programme

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of excellence in many different disciplines.  Awards are not means-tested and are open to internal and external candidates.

Scholarships do not necessarily carry a financial reward but will allow the student access to a higher performance programme. For those seeking financial support, please click here.

All awards are reviewed annually and are tenable until the end of Year 11 for 11+ (Year 7) and 13+ (Year 9) awards.  Pupils awarded a scholarship will be expected to perform strongly in the area of their award and make a significant contribution to the life of the school in general.

Our Scholarships Brochure (below) offers more details on each scholarship expectation, process and what you will need to provide. This brochure is for EXTERNAL students only.