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We are excited to introduce our new Sixth Form courses. Designed to prepare students for higher education and future career paths, our courses offer rigorous academic content in key subjects. Explore our diverse range of options tailored to suit various interests and aspirations.


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Computer Science

Computer Science is a vital discipline in the 21st century. This A-level course equips you with essential skills for the digital age. Develop creative, analytical, and logical thinking abilities, and learn to solve problems effectively. Explore graphical user interfaces and object-oriented programming.

Studying Computer Science at A-level opens doors to careers in software development, cybersecurity, data science, AI, and web development. Industries like technology, finance, healthcare, and entertainment actively seek graduates with these skills, offering diverse career paths.

No prior GCSE in Computer Science is required, but a strong interest in the subject and coding experience are beneficial. Python is the primary language of instruction, with transferrable skills to other high-level languages.

The course covers programming principles, hardware and software, networks, systems development life cycles, and the implications of computer usage.



BTEC Digital Music Production

The BTEC National Extended Certificate in Digital Music Production offers students a comprehensive exploration of music technology and industry practices. Through practical tasks such as sequencing and audio manipulation, students develop expertise in software utilisation and technical analysis. Class-based instruction delves into the intricacies of music technology principles and industry dynamics, covering current trends in popular music. Equivalent to one A-level, this course also earns students UCAS points, enhancing their academic and career prospects.




BTEC Esports

The BTEC Level 3 in Esports is a cutting-edge program designed to pave the way for lucrative careers in the rapidly expanding esports industry, both domestically and globally.

Crafted in collaboration with industry leaders, higher education representatives, and professional bodies, the BTEC Level 3 curriculum ensures that students are equipped with the latest knowledge, skills, and personal attributes demanded by the sector. Through a carefully structured syllabus, learners embark on a journey that not only prepares them for immediate employment but also lays a solid foundation for further academic pursuits.

This qualification offers a diverse range of transferable skills, enabling students to explore various facets of esports, from strategy and marketing to technology and creativity. It presents a unique opportunity to delve into an interdisciplinary field, where social, physical, mental, and financial competencies converge to foster holistic development. In an ever-evolving workplace landscape, where adaptability and collaboration reign supreme, learners are challenged to hone their strategic acumen, refine their skills, and cultivate a strong sense of teamwork to thrive in the competitive realm of esports.



BTEC Creative Media Production

Discover your creative potential with BTEC Creative Media Production at West Buckland School. Dive into a world where imagination meets skill, as you learn to capture stunning visuals and weave captivating stories. Whether your dream is to be behind the camera or shaping content, this program empowers you to thrive in the dynamic realm of media creation.

Tailored for aspiring media professionals, our IB CP Career-Related Study in Creative Media Production is your gateway to a fulfilling career. Gain practical expertise in photography, videography, editing, and storytelling, while exploring industry insights and trends. With the equivalent of 1.5 A-levels, this program sets you on a path to success, whether you choose higher education or dive straight into the workforce.




BTEC Outdoor Leadership and Management

Embrace the wisdom of John Muir: “Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.” Join the adventure with BTEC Outdoor Leadership and Management at West Buckland School. Our program is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts aiming for a career in the field.

The BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Sport and Outdoor Activities provides hands-on training in navigation, kayaking, climbing, and more. Covering essential topics like career pathways and safety, this course sets you up for success in higher education or direct entry into the active leisure and sports industry.




IB Social & Cultural Anthropology

Begin a journey of discovery with IB Social & Cultural Anthropology. Unravel the intricacies of human society and culture as you ponder questions like: What defines culture? How do societies evolve? What drives our sense of belonging? Through engaging discussions, you’ll delve into the essence of humanity and gain insights into behaviours that shape our social fabric.

Explore the dynamic interplay between local, regional, and global dynamics, broadening your perspective on the world. This course isn’t just about theories—it’s about real-world applications, connecting academic knowledge to everyday experiences.

As part of the IB Career Related Programme, this course equips you with valuable skills for navigating the complexities of the modern world. Challenge your assumptions, expand your horizons, and prepare for a future where understanding human relationships is key to success.



IB Business Management

IB Business Management explores key concepts such as creativity, change, ethics, and sustainability, providing students with a unique perspective on business dynamics. It delves into business functions, management processes, and decision-making amidst strategic uncertainty, illustrating how internal and external factors shape organisational decisions, impacting a spectrum of stakeholders.

Tailored for practical application in the real world, the IB DP Business Management course equips students with essential skills for the workforce. Whether aspiring to be future employees, business leaders, or entrepreneurs, the curriculum fosters critical thinking, creativity, and empathy—essential qualities in today’s interconnected global marketplace.

As Steve Jobs famously said, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Similarly, the journey through IB Business Management cultivates perseverance and vision, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. With universities and employers recognising its rigour and relevance, this course stands as a formidable asset in shaping tomorrow’s business innovators and leaders.




IB Environmental Systems and Societies

Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) is a dynamic interdisciplinary course that blends scientific principles with insights from individuals and societies. Designed to address the complexities of 21st-century environmental challenges, ESS builds upon foundational knowledge introduced at the GCSE level in geography and the sciences. Throughout the course, students delve into the workings of environmental systems, cultivating a scientific mindset. Moreover, they gain a nuanced understanding of how individuals and societies interact within Earth’s diverse environments. This exploration extends to examining sustainability issues within the realms of social, cultural, economic, political, and ethical contexts, fostering a comprehensive perspective on environmental stewardship.




IB Psychology

Interested in better understanding human behavior? Consider IB DP Psychology. This course delves into various psychological approaches and research methods, emphasising both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Through studying approaches like biological, cognitive and sociocultural psychology, you’ll gain insight into mental processes and behavior, fostering an appreciation for diversity and commonality. Explore applied areas such as abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology and relationships to address real-world issues.