Rachel Leung

I am Rachel Leung and I graduated from West Buckland School in 2022. I completed my A-levels with five A* and was awarded the NatWest Salver for Academic Excellence in year 13. I am currently pursuing actuarial science at university. 


Fostering a growth mindset is a key emphasis at West Buckland School. I was always encouraged to improve and reflect on my skills and abilities. Furthermore, I learned to step out of my comfort zone and be resilient when faced with challenges. My education at West Buckland School allowed me to develop a growth mindset and I still value the importance of a growth mindset today.  


A tip I will give to current and perspective students is to be curious and join a wide range of extra-curricular activities. During Sixth Form, I was involved in the charities committee, MaD (Make a Difference) Monday, and dissection club. Through joining these activities, I was able to widen my exposure and gain further knowledge outside of the classroom.