Small class sizes and high academic standards help produce exam results that place us amongst the highest performing schools in the South West.


Years 7-9

Pupils will study the following subjects:

Mathematics; English; French; Spanish; Biology, Chemistry and Physics (studied as ‘separate sciences’); Geography; History; Religious Studies; Art; Design and Technology; Drama; Information Technology; Music; Physical Education and Games

In the lower years pupils are largely taught in mixed ability groups, with setting incrementally introduced in some subjects, such as English, maths and modern languages.


Our independence from the National Curriculum enables us to depart from it where we feel further opportunities exist, particularly in the fields of science and languages.

An element of choice becomes important at this stage of education. There will still be opportunities for pupils to develop special strengths and interests.

Compulsory Subjects:
English: English Language and English Literature;
Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics – the majority of students will study at least two sciences.

We also encourage students to select either French or Spanish or both. Pupils with a significant learning difficulty may have the option not to take a modern language.

For information on all our subjects, see our GCSE Booklet

GCSE Brochure

Learning Support

We offer Language for Life classes for small groups of pupils in Years 7 to 9 where students focus on consolidating literacy and study skills.

Learning Support lessons for Years 10 and 11 continue to focus on literacy and numeracy skills, but also give opportunities for students to have extra time to work on their GCSE studies and, as exams approach, access support with revision and exam strategies.

For more information on our 1:1 support for literacy and/or numeracy and our approach to learning support, Contact Us.



Exam Results

We're proud of our students and proud of their results so we invite you to view our results page.You'll find our headline statistics and year-on-year performance tables.

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