Allowing students to explore, develop and appreciate interests outside of the national curriculum.

Keeping the Balance

Our ECA (extra curricular activities) schedule has been significantly extended and improved in recent years, developing a vision that steers pupils and parents through a changing and challenging educational landscape, giving them the best possible chance in a future of global fluidity.

Focused very much on developing the characteristics that make up the school ethos – the 7Cs – our extra curricular strategy incorporates Sport, Drama, Music, Dance, CCF, Outdoor Learning, Service and Academic Extension.  The intention is for students to develop their knowledge and interests, enabling them to open doors in life with ability and confidence.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are encouraged to commit to an activity of some kind each day. It is part of the tutor’s role to monitor a pupil’s involvement in activities, keeping a balance between being busy and being exhausted.

Year 7-10

In Years 7-10, students are expected to take part in a range of extra curricular activities and have a huge selection to choose from, covering many interests and skills.  These include chess club, gymnastics, art club, book club, choirs and orchestras, dance, swimming club, badminton, writing club and many others.

Find out more with an example of the ECA programme for Years 7-8 and Years 9-10.

Download Yr 7-8 Example Programme

Download Yr 9-10 Example Programme

Year 11+

From Year 11 upwards, students are able to make informed decisions regarding their extra curricular commitments. Students in these year groups will start to specialise in different areas of the school.

Take a look at an example of the ECA programme for Years 11 to 13.

Download Example Programme

Recording Success

The Record of Achievement (ROA) is used by students and staff to record and monitor activity levels within the school’s ECA programme.

The ROA is designed around the three distinct terms – Autumn, Spring and Summer. There are also opportunities to record involvement in House Competitions, Leadership Opportunities and other achievements either in or outside of school.