Students debate global issues on grand stage

Topics covered reflect those at current UN conference in New York

Students represent Norway, Romania and Malaysia

Eight intrepid West Buckland students attended their first Model United Nations Conference from Friday 17 – Sunday 19 March. Our wonderful delegates were representing the views of Romania, Norway and Malaysia on questions of world importance which were themselves debated only recently at the real United Nations in New York.

Stepping into other people's shoes

Despite being new to the MUN world, and coping with well over 500 other delegates, many of whom had attended multiple conferences, our WBS students acquitted themselves marvellously. Everybody spoke from the floor, and some brave souls like Deborah entertained questions on their speeches. Somer even raised a question in the full General Assembly in front of all the delegates. All the students found out something about themselves as well as the world as they walked a mile in someone else’s shoes.

The Model United Nations offers a precious opportunity to engage in depth with global issues that affect all of us – and, Mr Wilson, who accompanied the students on the trip, pondered whether one or more of the young people present would go on to change the world for the better. Why not?

More to come?

We are very proud of Tom B, Deborah, Lucy, Somer, Hector, Tom M, Edie and, as she comes towards the end of her distinguished career at WBS, our highly esteemed Head Girl, Amelia. Special thanks to Mrs Hathway for giving so generously of her time on Mother’s Day weekend.

The returning delegates and Mr Wilson hope that we’ll move onto plans for our next MUN foray soon!